The purpose of this wiki is to provide stimulus and materials for everyone involved in creating and executing business strategy.
The more people think strategically, the more organisations have clear and differentiated strategy, the better the world works for everyone.
The intention is to create a critical mass of strategy practitioners willing to contribute to build the best strategy knowledge base available.

Initially, the site will be moderated by Chris Doran, a practitioner with a passion for strategy.

bullseye.jpgWhat is your challenge?

Crafting a strategic plan

Holding a strategy workshop

Analysing an industry

Analysing a company

Entering a new market

Developing a new product

A start-up business plan

Writing a brand plan

Evaluating an acquisition

Redesigning an organisation

Forging a partnership

strategy_small.jpgCrafting Strategy

Crafting Strategy

Why does my organisation exist?

What will be the future business environment?

Why will our customers buy from us?

What type of company are we?

What alternative strategies could we pursue?

How should we run our strategic planning process?

What sort of organisation do we need to pursue our strategy?

Business Model

Aligning the Organisation

Executing Strategy

Executing Growth

  • New Product Development

  • New Market Entry

  • New Business Ventures

  • M and A

  • JVs and Alliances

Case Studies and Analogies

Leadership and Strategy

Multi-business Strategy

Specific Industries