A Strategic Framework provides a window for you to frame a strategic issue. There is no "right" or wrong" framework. The question to ask is if the framework is useful - does it illuminate the issue?
Use the frameworks to stimulate your thinking, not as a substitute for thought - they are your servants, not your masters.

Basic management tools
SWOT Analysis - How can I think through the situation?
Lewin Forces at Work - What is driving us forward and what is holding us back?

Crafting strategy
Strategic Pyramid - How do I craft a strategy?

Analysing the situation
Porter’s 5 Forces - What are the forces underlying our industry's current and future performance?
Brand Awareness/Differentiation - What is the potential of our brand portfolio?
Market Lifecycle - What is the stage of maturity for our markets and products?

Choosing a value proposition
Value Proposition - What are we offering our customers and where are we differentiated vs competition?
Brand/Product Features - Where should we allocate resources to create differentiation and where can we just match them?
Blue Ocean - How can we rethink our value proposition to side-step the competition?
Price/Value curve - How can we map different competitor price/value trade-offs?

Making choices
Product/Market Matrix
Ansoff Matrix - What is our primary growth avenue?
BCG Matrix - How should we allocate scarce resources across our business portfolio?

Sustainable Strategy
Jim Collin’s Hedgehog Concept - How can we create an enduring great company?

Organisational architecture
McKinsey 7S Model - What aspects of our organisation need to fit together?
Core/Context Matrix - What should be the objectives and management style for different parts of our organisation?
Make/Buy Grid - What should we do ourselves, and what should we out-source?
Solidarity/Sociability matrix - What type of culture do we have?

Executing strategy
Impact/Leadership - How should we prioritise strategic initiatives?
Initiative portfolio - Is our initiative portfolio balanced?

Corporate Strategy
Parenting style - Are we good parents for our business portfolio?

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