bullseye.jpgAnalysing a Company

Questions that you will answer in your analysis:
  • What are their key product/markets?
  • How are they using generating and using their cash? (Cashflow Source and Uses)
  • What is their financial history? (shareprice and P&L)
  • How does their performance compare with their industry? (ratio analysis)
  • What major events have driven their shareprice? (Annotated shareprice history)
  • Where do they make money? (profit breakdown
  • What are the key trends driving their profit? (Profit tree over time)

Their Business
- Mix: Products, Segments, Markets,
- Key channels, customers, suppliers, partners
- Market shares
- Location of assets/offices

Their Financials
- Where they make money
- P&L history
- Shareprice Performance
- 5 year cashflow analysis

Their Strategy
- Business portfolio analysis: Products/Markets/Segments strategic position, growth, share etc
- Value Proposition
- Core competences
- Strategic Initiatives
- Business Development/Strategic history

Recent News

Their Organisation
- Management structure
- Bio on the CEO

Their Key Issues